About me

After tree years of art school in Marseille,
I started to work in 1997 as a game cinematics artist using softimage|3D,
now I'm a generalist specialized in character developement.
Curent location: Paris, France
My interest: Character developement (from modeling to rendering), animation, building production tools, pipeline developement, dynamics...



+ excellent understanding of each stage of a CGI production
+ experienced in team leading and working


+ proficient:Softimage, Photoshop, Premiere,
+ notions:Maya,3dsmax,Blender

programming languages

+ Python, JScript, VBscript, HTML/CSS

libraries & APIs
+ Softimage SDK, ICE jQuery, Prototype


+ pipeline architecture and developpement
+ advanced character rigging using Softimage
+ character modeling
+ texturing, animation, rendering, and compositing
+ tools development (ICE, plug-ins, operators, interfaces)
+ ASCII file parsing
+ problem solving
+ french:mother language
+ english:fluent
+ spanish:notions