720 deg slerp

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Happy new year!!

Someone asked me some informations about my 720deg slerp ICE compound, so I decided to release it:

drag'n drop this link in an ICEtree


here's the video:


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tiago 13/01/2011 02:04

ok, got it (sorry for the triple post):
in case it happens to someone else, somehow you can't just drag n' drop from firefox or save to a file from the hiperlink as it'll just parse an html code. instead i copied the source code from the
browser to a new file on my disk and it works.
thank you again

tiago 13/01/2011 01:54

hmmm i think there might be a problem - i tryed loading it earlier today into an SI 2010 and the application stoped responding. i first thought it had something to do with ice kine and just tryed
loading it on another computer with 2011 and got the same issue. i waited for a while and got this error:

# ERROR : 21000-EDIT-AddICECompoundNode - Unspecified failure
Application.AddICECompoundNode("", "_nl1.null.ICETree")

so i peeked into the compound source code and it seems alright... don't know what's up.

Tiago Craft 13/01/2011 01:46

:) merci beaucoup Ahmidou! Magnifique comme d'habitude. Ce sera très utile par mes investigations